Ellen Crawford was a CIA case officer who’s as blunt as she is well-versed in interrogation techniques. She is now a rogue CIA agent bent on bringing quote on quote "justice" on Alexandra Udinov. She and Alex first met in a CIA interrogation room back in 2010 on charges of mass murder and terrorism. The interrogation was intense and even physical until someone intervened and stopped the interrogation. In a raid of a Cahill stronghold that saved Alex's mother, Ellen's notes were found. They read "Alexandra Udinov is far from innocent. She is the biggest and most powerful terrorist in the world. She controls the courts so there is only one way to bring justice.... To kill her. I don't care if I kill her in a horrifying and gruesome way or/and if it's in front of millions. I only care about justice and her death. I will kill her no matter what the cost is." Nilem12 has put a bounty on her head for 10 billion dollars for aid, capture, or kill.