Harry Albus
Biographical information
Physical description
Eye ColorBlack
DescriptionFather of Commander Orion Albus II
Other information
FunctionsHydra scientist
AlliesThe Albus Family
The Vergarmid Family

Harald "Harry" Albus is the father of Commander Orion Albus II, Narcissa Albus and Celesta Albus, and the wife of Natalie Albus. He was thought to be killed in a fire set by Irina McYodra, a former Vesper, in an act of revenge over Commander Orion Albus II, Narcissa Albus and Celesta Albus. He was born in Amsterdam, in 1955. He married Natalie Albus in 1978. He worked for Echidna (the old Hydra) since 1981. He was Vesper Six in 1970, but turned down the post in 1972, to work as a professor in the former University of Chemistry, a Vesper chemistry university, which was sited in Hamburg. In 1991, he was offered the position of Vesper Four, but politely refused it. He was close to Commander Orion Albus II, and was delighted of the news that his son was finally getting married. He was found alive in a raid of a Cahill Stronghold that also saved Alexandra Udinov's mother. He and Larissa Udinov became good friends while in captivity.