Puddle Jumper Hyperspace

Puddle Jumper Hyperspace

Hyperspace (also known as subspace) is an alternate dimension used by several races for faster than light travel accessible by means of a hyperdrive.


Entry into hyperspace is achieved when a vessel opens a stable hyperspace window. This allows a vessel to enter subspace and achieve faster-than-light velocities relative to real space whilst traveling at sublight speeds within its own layer of subspace. In this state, they can fly from one point to another in a relatively straight line. Hyperspace gives off high levels of radiation but with energy shields this should not be a problem. Ships in hyperspace are undetectable to all but the most sensitive sensors, such as the long range sensors of Atlantis. However, People can detect the formation of a hyperspace exit window moments after it becomes visible to the naked eye and a ship emerges.

Atlantis in Hyperspace