Irina McYodra


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Eye ColorBrown
DescriptionFormer Vesper
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Irina McYodra was the Russian sister of Lawrence McYodra. She was three years younger than Lawrence McYodra. The name difference of Irina and Lawrence is because Lawrence and his parents moved to Russia for two years, and then to Brazil. It was in Brazil that Irina got separated from Lawrence, as they both ran away from home at the same time. Irina got taken into foster care for eleven years, and left the foster home. Irina then moved to Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada, and started her life there, until she joined the Vespers seven years later (25). When she joined the Vespers, she moved to Madrid, Spain, to be closer to Berlin. She met Commander Orion Albus II one year later when he was gathering information for the Lucians (Orion Albus II was a very loyal Lucian at the time). She lived in Blagoveshchensk, Russia, the city bordering North-Eastern China, as that is where she spied on the Cahill activity in that part of China. She was a girlfriend to Orion Albus II, Until she betrayed Orion Albus II. She kidnapped Primrose and tried to use her to break Nilem12. She was trapped in Berlin trying to escape the city with Prim. She was finally killed by her ex-boyfriend, Commander Orion Albus II. Irina was known to be a "leadeship model" to some Vespers. However, Commander Orion Albus II imprisoned most of the people who followed Irina.

Irina's Crime SpreeEdit

  • Killed seven Medusans
  • Supposedly killed Harry Albus, Orion Albus II's father
  • Kidnapped Ellen Brandt, Orion Albus II's girlfriend, and left her on an island very far from land
  • Kidnapped and Attempted Murder on Primrose
  • Attempted Murder on Commander Orion Albus II
  • Killed 1638 Berlin citizens
  • Killed Ragirkov Vergarmid, Major Drakoth Vergarmid's father (discovered November 3rd, 2013)