Junge Deutsche Ausbildung (Young German Training) is a training camp for Vespers ages 7-13. They are trained to be Vesper soldiers who target Vesper enemies. They are under the employ of Commander LucianVesper11, but is mainly an organization suitable for Vesper Six. It was made November 20th, 2013, when Dr. Voxzaco Nikolaievna was proven to be a Cahill by Professor Shawn Harrods. Junge Deutsche Ausbildung is the first place you go for Vesper training, and when you are 13, you will be tested and if you past you have the choice to go to Division, or Bund Deutscher Mädel (for women). Junge Deutsche Ausbildung has 10,000 students. It is located in Berlin, Germany.

Known MembersEdit



  • Zoltan