Lawrence McYodra


Biographical information
Physical description
Eye ColorBlack
Other information
FunctionsGerman Soldier, Medusa 2
AlliesCommander Orion Albus II, Irina McYodra
Lieutanant Colonel Lawrence McYodra is a brave soldier in the German Army, and is part of Medusa. He was born to Blake and Walburga McYodra. He ran away from home at age 11, and joined the Vespers. He is currently 20 years old. He is Medusa 2. He is a top Medusa member, and rivals Bellatrix Valorom for the position of Medusa 2. However, Bellatrix is below him in position. He travels alot in The Traversal Vent, and loves his gas mask. He is second-in-command to Orion Albus II. He was promoted to a Lord after destroying the Tomas in South Africa, but was quickly changed to a Lieutanant Colonel. He is the boyfriend of Narcissa Albus.
  • McYodra's old gas mask