Natalie Albus
Biographical information
Physical description
Eye ColorHazel
DescriptionMother of Commander Orion Albus II
Other information
AlliesCommander Orion Albus II
Narcissa Albus
Celesta Albus
Major Drakoth Vergarmid
Irena Vergarmid

Natalie Albus (née Eaudré) was a Lucian, and the mother of Orion Albus II. Orion Albus II rarely communicates with Natalie anymore, since Orion Albus II became a Vesper. However, she is in full contact with Harry. Natalie was born as a kind and loving Lucian, which she made Lucian history for, and know she is so kind, that she'd give up her house in exchange for a piece of dust. Natalie is the daughter of the Chinese/Japanese Tomas: Yu Li Hiyoshimaru and French Lucian: François Eaudré. She is now a ruthless Vesper.

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