Professor Shawn Harrods
Biographical information
Physical description
Eye ColorAzure
DescriptionMost Trusted of Commander Orion Albus II and Major Drakoth Vergarmid and Heavily Trusted of Faora-Ul
Other information
FunctionsProfessor at University of Espionage
AlliesCommander Orion Albus II
Major Drakoth Vergarmid

Professor Shawn Harrods (alias is Wansh Rodsrah) is a top Vesper agent. He is a proffessor at University of Espionage, and is heavily trusted by Commander Orion Albus II and Major Drakoth Vergarmid. He was the Best Man at Commander Orion Albus II and Major Drakoth Vergarmid's wedding.

He is even trusted by Faora-Ul, who is very hard to please. Faora is currently using him as a spy.

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