Recorded on November 19, 2013 on Krypton.

Nilem12 was leaning on the rail overlooking the huge construction going on below him

Nilem12:"Was the test successful?"

Faora:"Yes, sir"

Nilem12:"Is it compatible with humans."

Faora:"Yes, sir"

Nilem12:"What is the progress on the project"

Faora:"Phase one is complete and phase two is almost complete. It should be done after your wedding"

Nilem12:"Good. Anything else I need to know?"

Faora:"There was a fight going on with Orion and the guards. It is unclear of why or where Orion was going but it seemed important. And he is not happy that some part of the base was restricted from him that wasn't restricted before. Should I care of it?"

Nilem12:No I will deal with Orion myself. I want you to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Faora:Why don't you just tell him. He is one of your most trusted officer in your ranks.

Nilem12:It's not him I am worried about. It's the people that works for him.

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