University of Espionage was founded by Orion Albus II, to be a branch of Medusa. However, as Medusa moved to Berlin stronghold, University of Espionage had no room to fit in the stronghold and so University of Espionage was moved to the neighboring city of Potsdam, Germany also has a spying University, for graduates of Division, if they choose to by a spy for the Vespers. It teaches espoinage at the extreme Vesper level. University of Espionage took over the former Spying University, which dissolved in 2009. University of Espionage teaches things from cyber espionage to 1-on-1 espionage. It is the most extreme level of espionage the Vespers have currently. University of Espionage has over 2,000,000 students.

Professors (13)Edit

  • Professor Shawn Harrods
  • Professor Ilsa Brosh
  • Professor Maria Iqot
  • Professor Edward O'Connor
  • Professor James Pacialic
  • Professor Tilda Jones
  • Professor Cazeopea Berdacci
  • Lord Bryce Martin
  • Professor Steve Henderson
  • Professor Igor Menshikov
  • Professor Nataliya Echkivlad
  • Professor John O'Neal
  • Professor Jack St. Helens