Vladmir Karkaroff
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October 9th, 1969

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TSRIC, The Vespers

Vladimir Nikola Karkaroff (alias Ryan Fletcher), commonly called Vladmir Karkaroff, is the current head of TSRIC. He is best friends with Johann Schmidt used to be with Orion Albus II. His mother (Alexandra Evka Abakumov) was from Russia, and his father (Nikola Damir Karkaroff) was from Croatia. He has been making inventions since 1983.

He was born in Astrachan, Russia, on October 9th, 1969. At the age of 4, Vladmir moved to Moscow. He was, and still is, inspired by scientific research and has always been fascinated about the known Universe. He grew up (starting at age 6) in an orphanage in St. Petersburg after his mother died by an unknown disease, father killed by Cahills, brother drowned. At the age of 12, Vladmir ran away from the orphanage, and went to Azerbaijan, where he enrolled in a boarding school until he entered University. At the age of 17, Vladmir enrolled in a University to study Space, Research and Science, but the University was secretly run by a Vesper, and soon, Vladmir became a Vesper scientist, making legendary Vesper serums, until Damien Vesper II became Vesper One in 2000, and fired Vladmir for unknown reasons.

Vladmir then joined NASA to be a space scientist, and he enjoyed the career. He was very hesitant to rejoin the Vespers when offered by Damien Vesper III in 2012. Seven days after the death of Damien Vesper III, he founded Tallinn Space Research and Invention Centre (TSRIC). He has researched space very extensively. He also invented the Universal Shuttle, with Johann Schmidt. He has over 4000 solo inventions.
  • Vladmir Karkaroff inspecting TSRIC