Wulfric Brian was a top Medusa member. He was a member of the Madrigal Branch. He quit the Madrigals after they lowered his position (he was in a high position), because he was a candidate for leader, and his rival in leader leaked false information about him, which said that Wulfric was a spy, giving information to the Tomas (even though he betrayed the Tomas). He joined the Vespers shortly after this happened, and with the Vesper's support, he rose in the Madrigal ranks again, which gained the Vespers a trustworthy person to spy on the Madrigals. He was 40 years old when he died, and held the position of Medusa 4. He was a very efficient man who loved spying. He was the head of the "Amy and Dan, or One Goes For Seventeen" Medusa Branch organization, along with Dolores Smith. He was killed by Commander Orion Albus II after he confessed being a Cahill.