Biographical information
Physical description
EthnicityIndian American (born in America)
Eye ColorWhite
DescriptionStudent, co-founder of Operation Deluxe with Jai, and Sihal
Other information
Functionsco-founder of Operation Deluxe

Sihal Lon'qu


Wykwyz is a former Tomas, the older brother of Sihal and Jai and is also the cousin of Lon'qu, (unlike his 2 family members he hates cats, this trait is shared with Lon'qu).  He is currently a co-founder of Operation Deluxe along with his 2 brothers and cousin. He helped Jai on the secret Cahill attack. Wykwyz attacked the frontal base while Jai attacked the main base which nearly destroyed them. He is stronger than all of his younger brothers but weaker than his cousin Lon'qu meaning he is the second strongest member of Operation Deluxe. He can create electricity and use it at his will. He is one of the most powerful fighters ever. 


Height: 5'6

Weight: 110 lbs.

Age: 16


  • His brothers and cousin
  • Training
  • Resting
  • Video Games
  • Books


Favorite Food:

  • Mac and cheese
  • pizza


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